The day you retire is the beginning of the journey. This is when financial planning becomes the most important because the ultimate goal is not just to make it to retirement, it is to live comfortably through retirement. Unfortunately, most financial plans that fail, fail during retirement. That is why it is paramount to rely on advice from a fiduciary who is required to act in your best interest.

Figuring out the best way to make your savings stretch over the next few decades can feel daunting and overwhelming. One misstep could spell disaster. Our team at D1 financial can help you establish a plan to preserve what you already have, protect you from financial uncertainty and secure the future of your loved ones in the most efficient way possible. We create financial strategies that are designed to put you on the path to the retirement lifestyle you want. Insurance products like annuities can provide a steady and reliable income stream for the rest of your life, while investment products create opportunities for long-term growth.

We can help you incorporate both into a plan that works for you.

We do not have one-size-fits all strategies. Each person’s ideal retirement will look different. While some people will want to start slowing down and eventually stop working, others may want to turn a beloved hobby into a new business. Some of our clients want to travel, while others prefer to garden, golf, or just enjoy more free time. Regardless of your personal circumstances, we can custom design a retirement and income plan to suit you, keeping in mind that safety, growth and income are not mutually exclusive.

When developing a retirement plan with a fiduciary at D1 Financial, we will ensure that your company retirement plan, IRA’s, investments, and social security are working together and not against each other. This approach will help provide you the peace of mind that you deserve to enjoy in retirement.