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As a Fiduciary Financial Advisor, I understand the powerful impact financial education can have on your future and the legacy you leave for generations to come. My father died when he was just 38 years old. My mother was left with 5 children and very little financial knowledge. Having experienced the lifelong financial struggle this caused my mom and the toll it took on our family is the reason I am highly focused on positively impacting the financial wellbeing of other families. I am now on a mission to improve financial literacy through free educational workshops, webinars in easy-to-follow formats, downloadable guides, complimentary consultations and more!

Facts About Finances in America

Americans work an average of 100,000 hours in our lives.

77% rank finances as their #1 stress in life.

25% say financial stress affects their relationships.

68% are worried about not having enough money to retire.
42% report difficulty concentrating at work due to financial stress.
58% feel that finances control their lives.
41% have trouble sleeping due to money-related worries.

Did you know that only 3% of Americans have a written financial plan?

Financial Literacy Icons

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy is having an understanding of a variety of financial topics ranging from income, budgeting, saving, investing, taxation, inflation, interest rates, how the overall health of the economy can impact your day-to-day finances, and properly balancing between pre-tax and post-tax accounts.

Financial Literacy can help provide the tools necessary to prevent devastating mistakes, prepare people for emergencies, help individuals reach their goals, and invoke the confidence necessary to navigate your financial future with peace of mind. Those with higher levels of financial literacy are more likely to live within their means, create an emergency fund, open a retirement account, and be able to support various life goals such as saving for education, retirement, travel, buying a home, charitable giving and enjoying the lifestyle you want.
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Guides and Resources

Popular Webinar Workshop Topics

Popular Webinar and Workshop Topics

  • 2023 Recovery or Recession
  • Let’s Get Fiscally Fit
  • Financial Pitfalls - Lessons We Never Seem to Learn
  • 4 Keys to Financial Freedom
  • Reverse Mortgages – The Facts Without the Hype
  • Tips for Saving & Investing in Volatile Markets
  • 7 Different Money Personalities
  • Investing for Long-Term Success
  • 1st Time Home Buyer Education
  • Strategies for Sustainable Income in Retirement
  • 3 Top Threats to Retirement Assets
  • Strategies to Pay Off Your Mortgage Sooner
  • The Truth About Life Insurance - Who Needs it and Who Doesn’t
  • Taxation Nation
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Having help, support and guidance on your financial journey...

— May be simpler than you think
— May make a big difference in your financial future

The best time to act on your financial future is right now

— It is never too early
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