Powerful Partnership
Decision 1 Financial & SOFA

Decision 1 Financial and The Society for Financial Awareness have joined forces to eliminate financial illiteracy through providing free, high quality financial education. The Society for Financial Awareness is the nation’s largest non-profit financial literacy organization. They work with thousands of companies across the country, educating employees on today’s most important financial topics.

SOFA - The Society for Financial Awareness, is a 501(c)(3) non profit public benefit corporation. Our mission is to provide financial education across America, one community at a time. We are comprised of professionals, throughout the nation, with varying specialties. These professionals provide valuable services to their communities. One of the ways they do that is through informational workshops that are presented to individuals, companies, and organizations. These events are designed to educate and help attendees understand and address a variety of financial topics and concerns.
SOFA members, pledge in their membership to provide time, going out in their communities to promote SOFA, to conduct "topic-specific" seminar workshops drawn from their personal qualifications and credentials presenting to individuals, companies, and organizations.

Matt Gill

SOFA - Rocky Mountain Chapter President

(720) 739-1393